Summer Analyst

Goldman Sachs

June - August 2022

  • Built React application to query and visualize loan data for analysis by the front office to make new deals and service loans
  • Designed and tested API endpoints in Java Dropwizard to aggregate millions of data points with SQL queries
  • Engineered CI/CD with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform to automate testing and deployment pipeline

Software Engineer


February - June 2022

  • Designed Docusign integration with Airtable to allow clients to sign documents using a NodeJS middleware
  • Built Onesignal notification integrations with Airtable automations using JavaScript to deliver notifications on a timely basis

Software Engineer Intern


June - August 2021

  • Created user profiles with the ability to feature playlists and hide profiles for over 20,000 users using Handlebars
  • Utilized NodeJS to design platform to connect over 15,000 users and film‑makers at the Imagine Science Film Festival

Machine Learning Assistant

Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC)

March 2020 - April 2021

  • Developed a transcriber for mridangam music using Python and Scipy with 89% accuracy using support vector machines
  • Segmented audio files based on energy threshold using Librosa to generate 1,300 clips for training and testing

Full Stack Web Developer

Bamian Auto Parts

August 2020

  • Built a full‑stack web app using NodeJS, ReactJS, and ExpressJS to perform data analysis on weekly excel reports
  • Automated sales report generation using Python, reducing time taken by 90%
  • Modeled database using MongoDB to hold over 10,000 company records with search and filtering capabilities
  • Designed visualization platform with ChartJS to show monthly progress in sales

Research Intern

Modern Microprocessors Architecture (MoMa Lab)

June - August 2020

  • Fine‑tuned machine learning tool to identify code/data sections in binary files using Python with 99% accuracy
  • Generated data for the model using one‑hot encoding with numpy and sparse matrices to reduce memory consumption


Multilingual Time Offset Interaction

  • Developed a multilingual virtual avatar interface for asynchronous interaction
  • Utilized Google Speech to Text, and Google Translate to generate subtitles in all supported languages with FastAPI and RabbitMQ microservices
  • Implemented Google's LaBSE for storing language agnostic embeddings and calculating cosine similarity to return the best match video

Migration of Legacy application to AWS

  • Migrated legacy Java application and MySQL database to AWS for scalability and elasticity
  • Containerized legacy application and dependencies using Docker to run with AWS Fargate
  • Transferred data from local MySQL database to AWS RDS

Gym Booking Bot

  • Automated gym slot booking using Selenium, and RaspberryPi
  • Bypassed MFA using touch macros on Android phone


  • Implemented a tool to fly a parrot minidrone by using hand gestures only
  • Programmed interface using Python with the Drone SDK and Leap Motion SDK


  • Scraped university’s classes website using Selenium with Python to get due dates for assignments
  • Generated events automatically in Google Calendar with due date and set reminders with Google Calender API


HackAD (CS club) President [2022-2023]

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